Au Revoir - GSoC 2014

It’s been a more than week since the completion of the GSoC and I am happy to announce that I have successfully completed the project. This year’s GSoC couldn’t have been better. I was out of India for the first time to attend the Gnome Users and Developers European Conference(GUADEC) which was held at Strasbourg, France where I met met my mentor and a lot of other cool people who contribute to Gnome. I would like to thank Gnome Foundation for sponsoring me to visit the conference.

I always wondered what motivates someone to keep contributing to a software project. After attending the GUADEC I realised that a sense of belongingness in the community is a really as important if not, more so than the other factors such as sharing the same values and goals as the community. I had interesting conversations with my roommate sri about whats more important, whether adhereing to values or creating software that is contextual and useful and we came to a conclusion that both can be acheived at the same time. After attending GUADEC I have a strong feeling that I will keep contibuting to the project and the community.

Apart from that, I am also happy to announce that I have graduated recently after which I have been travelling which is the reason for the delay in this blog post.